Fiona | Imogen | I've Been A Fool

There's not much to this video. I haven't uploaded in like a month and with new episodes airing now. I decided, why the hell not?

I've always liked Imogen, yes, I believed she was manipulative, but that didn't stop me from liking her. And that last two episodes heightened my liking of her. And it's probably known that I absolutely adore Fiona. She is indeed my girl crush on this show (whereas, Bianca is my queen haha). Anyway, I decided just to make a little vidlet of Fiona and Imogen just to show I'm alive and to show my support of the friendship and the possible Fimogen that could occur. XD

Episode side note...I'm happy Clare and Jake have broken up, (not because I ship EClare, ship wars are dumb), because I feel that Jake would be a better character is not part of Cake and Clare needs a storyline that isn't about boys. And Katie and Marisol...My gosh...My feelings are very much the same as everyone else on those too. And as for the niners...I like what I see. I can't really judge too much, but I can't wait for more on them. :)

Alright, I'm done rambling.

Song: Shake it Out (pitch change)
By: Florence and the Machine
Fandom: Degrassi
Featuring: Fiona and Imogen


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